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Welcome to Talis Independent Financial Advisors based in Northwood, Middlesex. Planning your finances so that you are maximising your investments, minimising your tax liabilities, and preparing realistically for later life is one of those tasks that can feel like a lot of work. Some people will happily take on the job themselves, but most need at least some help disentangling their finances and sourcing the most appropriate options.

No matter where you are in your life stage – whether you are just starting your career or are actively contemplating retirement – if you need friendly, impartial advice on your finances then we can help.

Many people worry that they don’t feel able to “organise” their own finances, and unless you do it for a living it can be really challenging to work out what the most appropriate course of action is. We’ll try to make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunities. We can help with anything from planning your retirement to protecting the people you love, to finding a mortgage and any other personal financial concerns you may have all in plain English and with a dash of wisdom!


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If you’re worried about your current or future personal wealth – please just pick up the phone 02085810088 or ask for a call back at a time to suit you.


Free – Your 10 Point Retirement Plan


Since 2015 we have all been allowed to decide for ourselves what to do with our private pension savings – within certain parameters, deciding what to do and how to  manage a significant sum of money,  feels like a big risk.

Talis’s Veronica Mann is a member of SOLLA – the Society for Later Life Advisors – and has decades of experience advising individuals from all walks of life about retirement and later life planning. You can get her chapter “Your 10 Point Retirement Plan” free of charge. published in  Partner Retirement in Law Firms  Don’t be distracted by the title – anyone can benefit from the advice and details it contains. Just contact us to find out more.

We are always very happy to receive new enquiries, so if you need some independent financial advice (IFA) – why not contact us, request a call back or simply pick up the phone? Call us on 02085810088 We are always happy to chat


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Do you know where ALL your investments and assets are held?. This could be a perfect time to take stock and consider. The Talis Personal Essential Catalogue, will help you capture all the information you need for your future and importantly  for those who follow you.
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