Talis: a new name for old friends…

The team from Facts & Figures have joined Stennings Insurance Services to form Talis Independent Financial Advisers. 

Information is abundant but wisdom is scarce, especially on the internet!

If you need friendly, impartial advice on your finances we can help. Many people worry that they should be able to “organise” their own; but unless you do it for a living it’s all become so complicated that it can be really hard to work out what “doing the right thing” actually is! We’ll try to make sure that you don’t miss out and can help with:

Planning your retirement

Maximising your returns

Protecting the people you love

Reducing your tax bill

Mortgaging a property

Raising capital using equity release

Taking full advantage of financial planning opportunities

Best of all we try to add some wisdom – in plain English!

You don’t need to be a millionaire to need an independent financial adviser – and you don’t need to be a millionaire to afford one either. In fact most of our clients are ordinary people – just like you! Working with the team at Talis should:

Help you to not miss out on market opportunities as they arise

Ensure you are not taking too much unnecessary risk with your money

Ensure that when you spend your money, you retain as much of it as possible, and do not lose out unnecessarily to tax

Ensure you do not miss out on time sensitive allowances, that once they go are gone forever. Working with your adviser to ensure you do not miss out on getting back money that you are owed

We are always very happy to receive new enquiries, so if you need some independent financial advice (IFA) – why not contact us, request a call back or simply pick up the phone? We are also always happy to chat.

We’ve been offering straight forward, independent financial advice, in plain English, for over 25 years. So now, the Talis team looks after over £100 million for private individuals, companies, charities and trusts. We’d be delighted to work with you.

Talk to the team at Talis and make your next financial move a smart one!

Don’t miss – Veronica  presenting at the Lecture Club in Holland Park on 4th September – Highlighting ways to achieve a secure retirement and protect your estate from tax. To find out more – click here.

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