London IFA - Why work with Talis?

Whilst we recognise that everyone is different, we couldn’t help but notice there are certain similarities amongst our clients that are quite possibly in a similar position to you. They want to be kept informed (but not spammed), they want a plan that is going to perform to expectations, they want to ensure that they do not lose out on a tax allowance that once lost is lost forever, they like to review things face to face once a year and want us to be available to talk to should anything arise that concerns or interests them….does that sound like you?..If yes…then we are probably a suitable firm for you.

Talis has provided friendly, helpful & impartial independent financial advice from the whole market for over 25 years. We look after over £100 million of client money of which £50 million is invested in our portfolio service.

We now have a team of over 25!

Talis is a SIFA member & subscribes to the SIFA Professional Charter.

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Whether you are a personal or a business client we guarantee all our clients the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Ethos

Our experience as IFAs and our qualifications demonstrate that we are able to advise across all areas:

Our role is to help our clients manage all aspects of their personal and corporate/ business finances, liaising with other disciplines as required. We do not specialise in one narrow field because to do so would rule out other areas that are inextricably linked. We believe that being a financial adviser across all areas is a specialism in itself and to narrow it down further does clients a grave disservice.

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