Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

Women on average earn 18% less than men in the work place, and mothers returning to work face a further 5% gap on top of this

Figures have long suggested that women are in the UK are generally at an earnings disadvantage due to their sex. To add to this, a recent study has shown that women returning to work after having children are more likely to see that pay-gap widen. According to the study this is often due to women returning to work in a part-time capacity, and subsequently missing out on potential promotions.

It is suggested that one way to help address this problem is to place more emphasis on offering quality part-time jobs. Other suggestions include longer paternity leave, government subsidised childcare from the end of parental leave (currently this often does not apply until a child turns three), allowing parents to work from home (or providing a child-friendly workplace), or indeed giving women pay-rises.

This week on Money Talk Simon Webster will be joined by Jo Dodds to discuss this subject in depth.

Tune in from 1pm on Channel Radio, this Friday the 26th of August.

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