Testimonials from our advisers

Testimonial from Dan

“Talis embodies what I perceive it is to provide good financial services today.

After meeting the team, I was confident their values and practices were sincere. I am proud to be part of a team that comes together on a professional and personal basis to support one another and deliver an exemplary service to our clients.

Since joining Talis I have enjoyed a warm and nurturing environment in which to grow. Regular development meetings, encouragement to go on courses and help towards qualifications success have all inspired a new flame to pursue my career as an adviser.

Talis has helped me plan, organise and execute my ideas. The diversity and experience of the team have offered unique insight and guidance building my confidence to fulfil my potential and help my clients.

I look forward to continuing my future as an Independent Financial Adviser with Talis and their team.”










Dan Lamba – Qualified Para planner transitioning to adviser

Testimonial from John

“I like working at Talis because everyone is so friendly and supportive. It is like one big family. I have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, which I don’t think I would have done had I joined another company.

Talis has helped me by providing me with the support and guidance needed to go from a keen novice with no experience in financial services to a qualified IFA in just over two years.

Talis is different because all the staff really matter, and they are well looked after. This is a refreshing change from most companies who are seemingly trying to get staff to work longer hours for no extra money. Staff retention is very high.

Training at Talis is very diverse and thorough. We offer training on pensions, investments, mortgages, protection from experienced advisers who have been there and seen it all. Considerable help is also given to exam preparation for employees.

The culture at Talis is very inclusive. There are no cliques and I found it very easy to become part of the team right from day 1.”

John Symonds – Adviser

Testimonial from Nicolle

“I decided to join Talis over 8 years ago after being part of larger network. I was impressed with the investment portfolios managed by Talis and wanted a choice to be able to confidently offer these to relevant clients. 

On a personal development level, I came to Talis with FPC 1,2 & 3 and MAQ.  During my time with Talis I have qualified to level 4.  Help is always available from the directors and other members of our team whether it be training and development or working through case scenarios and I hope to become Chartered in the next few years.

We are not a large firm, however, each adviser and member of staff’s input and feedback is taken on board which helps to create a sense of belonging within the organisation.”


Nicolle Sodey – Adviser

Testimonial from recent joiner

“Having spent several years with an IFA firm as a Paraplanner, I was looking for a firm that could take me to the next level – to help me become an adviser. I wanted to work for a firm that would give me the skills to go from back-office to front-office.

Since arriving at Talis, I have been able to achieve just that. I have translated existing technical knowledge into facing clients. The company has given me the tools and support to do this – through exam support, training and in-house technical expertise. In my view, what separates Talis from the rest is the team ethic and culture. All of the advisers are approachable and are always prepared to give advice and opinions if you need any help – they make you feel like a teammate rather than a competitor. This in itself gives you the confidence to do the job and the motivation to evolve in both technical knowledge and as an adviser.”

Recent arrival – name withheld in deference to former firm

Testimonial from Veronica 

In 2014 I closed my financial planning practice as my co-director was retiring and I did not want to continue to run the company ‘on my own’. I had meetings with five alternative homes and selected Talis Financial Advisers as the right place for me to continue working and servicing my clients.

The business is managed in the way I felt I would have liked to run my business had circumstances been different. Management takes a pragmatic view and will support any sensible endeavour which is likely to bring in business revenue. They have created a happy working environment in Kent where I believe everyone feels valued and important to the smooth running of the business-as indeed they are.

From my point of view-I am delighted to pass the burden of running a business, managing people and compliance to someone else! Talis provide access to tools and support to keep my business compliant and on track. This leaves me more time to do the work that I enjoy, which is meeting people/clients and helping provide solutions to the issues that are at the forefront of their minds or that need addressing.

While I work from my home office in London/Pinner, I think I have as much contact with the team in Kent as those advisers who live and work much closer.

I have no regrets with the choice I made.






Veronica Mann: Chartered & Certified Financial Planner

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