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Wise investing in a crazy world….

The pervasive influence of Trump, BREXIT and state sponsored murder – not forgetting state sponsored cyber terrorism – all combine to continue one of the longest periods of global market uncertainty in living memory. How should you invest wisely in this crazy market? The UK currently enjoys the highest wage growth since the start of […]


Investors have used SIPPs to buy esoteric assets that have turned out to be worthless. There is a court case on the subject running even now. SIPPs are allowed to hold a wide range of different investments, from vanilla stocks and shares through to Commercial Property with much in between – and it’s “responsibility” for […]

Children’s Financial Education

Money Talk presenter Simon Webster would argue that the ultimate purpose of education is to prepare our children for the world of work. Only a few can leave school to work in PR, in media, or “coding” electronic games. Some will actually have to work in offices or on building sites. Schools need to teach […]

The Tobacco industry and Strategies for first-time buyers

Does the tobacco industry have a future? And if it does should it? With many actively avoiding investing in the tobacco companies what is holding up their share price? Philip Morris the tobacco “giants” have asked Money Talk for an interview to explain their position – Simon doesn’t pull any punches – it should be […]

Is “an Englishman’s Home Still His Castle”?

Yet another set of recently published numbers suggests that it is now taking 3 or 4 times longer to save for a deposit to buy a house than it did in the 80’s! What can be done? If you want to get your kids into the best schools you need to live in the best […]

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