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How not to run out of money…

Cashflow planning – the best kept secret in financial planning? “Is it a truth universally acknowledged that those in possession of a good fortune must be in want of financial advice?” There may have been a time when such “universal acknowledgement” was restricted to financial advisers – but now the government has mandated that anyone […]

Financial exclusion

  An estimated 12,000 branch-based jobs are at risk due to bank closures around the country. With mobile banking being adopted more than ever before, the relevance of branches is starting to be questioned. For many the convenience of simply entering a passcode into an app and pressing a few buttons to process a financial […]

Home ownership hopes collapsing?

Stepping onto the first rung of property ladder has become an ever-greater challenge. As a result, the younger generation now asks, “is the dream of owning any home over?” Ever increasing house prices mean ever more expensive mortgages and deposit requirements that are simply out of reach for many. Indeed, the proportion of those aged […]

Income Roulette

16 million people in the UK are balancing on a knife edge, literally just one pay cheque away from financial disaster – with insufficient savings if they lose their job. It’s the middle aged, self-employed, and older Millennials who are particularly vulnerable during a financial crisis, with many struggling to save, or strangled by thousands […]

Commercial Business Finance

The banks are sometimes accused of “offering business customers an umbrella when the sun is shining but taking it away as soon as it starts to rain.” This week Simon unpicks the vexed issue of business finance – where it is and how to get it. This week’s guest is Natasha Jones from Funding Circle, […]

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