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If you require a buy to let mortgage in London advice is essential to avoid some of the high fees and long tie ins demanded by some lenders.

Facts & Figures’ MD Simon Webster hosts a weekly radio show on, Money Talk He recently did a show on buy to let property purchase. Listen here.

Facts & Figures are experts in obtaining buy to let mortgages for our many Kent based clients. Indeed our 2 directors have over 50 years mortgage broking experience between them and manage their own buy to let portfolio! There are many attractive deals again available for Kent buy to let mortgages and our subscription databases have details on the whole market.

The basic requirements to qualify for a buy to let mortgage are that borrowers must come up with 25% of the purchase price and that projected rental income must cover  the interest cost of borrowing by 125%. So if your mortgage will cost £800 per month on interest only your projected rental income must be at least £1,000 per month.

Most lenders require buy to let borrowers to be owner occupiers of their own property and to have an income from regular work – over and above buy to let income – unless they are already established buy to let landlords in which case we can offer a complete portfolio management service.

If you have an existing buy to let mortgage or mortgages it is always worth examining the market to see whether a better deal may be available we will always have a quick look for you at our expense before we start looking at the market in detail.

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Facts & Figures are independent, whole of market buy to let mortgage advisers based in London.

The FCA does not regulate buy to let mortgages.

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