Care Fees – what will the state provide

If you need to have long term care help – move into a nursing or residential home – You can’t rely on the State

How much money can I keep before the State will pay for me?

Local Authority and Care Fees –Eligibility to  Benefits are Means Tested

Your capital What you will have to pay 
Over £23,250 You must pay full fees (known as being self-funding).
Between £14,250 and £23,250 The local council will fund some of your care and you’ll contribute to the rest.
Less than £14,250 This will be ignored and won’t be included in the means test – the local council will pay for your care. However, they will still take your eligible income into account.

BUT they must leave you with £24.90 for personal expenses

Further information from Age UK

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Certain types of income and certain types of capital eg money from certain disability benefits and pensions, may not be counted in the means test. All other income and capital will be taken into account

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