Cash Flow Planning for Retirement and Later Life

Making sure you can always pay the bills plus have a little extra

Do you want to enjoy the good life without the fear of running out of money? Do you want to avoid dying with too much money, without having done all the things you wanted and creating a potential Inheritance Tax liability? Can your current financial circumstances allow you to do more, give more, live more, plan for more?

These are fundamental questions in most people’s minds as they approach retirement or have a sudden change of personal circumstances, such as divorce or bereavement.

Talis can provide you with answers to these and other questions using our Cash Flow Planning software. Cash Flow Planning not only provides you with a way to understand when the time is right for you to retire, it can also show you where you are currently heading financially, providing you with a holistic view of the impacts of the various financial choices you may be facing, and calculating how long your money will last.

Cash Flow Planning is especially valuable when life throws you a curve ball, such as bereavement or divorce. Major decisions about work, property, supporting others or making investments should not be made without an understanding of how these may impact your future wealth and security. Cash Flow Planning will provide you with a clearer picture of where you’re likely to be financially in the future, giving you an indication about what your prospective income and capital needs might be It can help you to calculate your expected income in retirement, whether that is early retirement, or later on in life.

Armed with this information you’ll be able to make more sensible decisions that will protect your and your family’s future lifestyle. But please remember a cash flow model is not a one off, it is always a work in progress, a living document that can, and should, be revisited on a regular basis; we recommend annually.

Take a look at some of our examples to see how it works. Then contact us for an initial chat to see how cash flow modelling could be helpful for you.

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