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We are London based chartered financial planners and mortgage brokers. Contact Us for help and information.

In 2007 the financial advice sector entered a new era of professionalism thanks to the arrival of Chartered status for firms. Facts and Figures was one of the very first to qualify.

Facts & Figures is SIFA Professional Member. Professional financial advice firms play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the wealth of individuals and businesses in the UK. Such firms work in a complex and demanding market. They have long been subject to exacting statutory regulation, and the regulatory landscape within which they operate continues to evolve. The Financial Services Authority’s Retail Distribution Review now run by their successor the Financial Conduct Authority is only the latest in a long line of market assessments to explore the need for yet further changes to the rules governing the provision of financial advice. FPLogoGOLD One of the constants which has helped ensure the survival of financial advice providers is their individual and collective pursuit of the highest professional standards. Indeed, the FSA recognises the importance of professionalism as a promoter of compliance. Professional firms seek knowledge and capability and adhere to an objective code of ethical practice. Many look to improve their overall performance by encouraging staff to enhance their own skills, with Personal Finance Society/CII membership and CII qualifications at the heart of their learning activity and continuing professional development. The pinnacle of individual achievement is the award of Chartered Financial Planner status, which is conferred by the CII and available to eligible Personal Finance Society members as a result of the Society’s link to the CII. Of around 4,000 financial advice firms only around 220 have qualified to call themselves chartered financial planners. Facts & Figures was one of the first!

We are London based chartered financial planners and mortgage brokers. Contact Us for help and information.

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