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Our legal obligations and sample pricing are detailed in our  Terms of Business.

Facts & Figures Financial Planners Limited are London based chartered financial planners and independent financial advisers providing independent financial advice on all aspects of investment, retirement, mortgages, insurance and healthcare.

On the status front Facts & Figures does not “disclose” our independent and impartial status – we are proud to shout it from the rooftops – well perhaps not literally…

NB: Most of the banks and building societies and all of the insurance companies will now have to disclose that they are agents of the companies they represent and that they work for their employer not for their clients…

As to our remuneration you will have probably have gathered that we do not “give” independent financial advice we “sell” it! Unless we get paid for the advice we supply we would have no business.

Our policy at Facts & Figures is clear and open: you tell us what you want us to do and we will tell you what it will cost. We will then give you options as to how we are remunerated. For example if you are a private individual you would probably prefer to not to pay 20% extra for VAT on our fees and you might prefer to benefit from tax relief on pension advice. BUT the choice is yours and we are happy to have the conversation.

We are always delighted to work on a fee-only basis.

The FSA insists that we produce two complex documents in a prescribed format to tell you what we might charge you. Why there are two is beyond us – but there is one for equity release clients and one for everyone else. Please feel free to have a look and do ring us with any questions, but remember we did not devise the format of these documents – we understand they were written by a panel of lawyers…

Terms of Business

Terms of Business Equity Release

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