Equity release or mired in debt?

We are all living longer which means our money needs to stretch even further…and what happens when it starts to run out?

If you have been lucky enough to own a property in the UK any time in the last 50 years you will probably have seen a phenomenal increase in value – especially in the South East. But houses are hard to eat, and if you sell up you still need somewhere to live. Equity release provides a means of turning the value of your bricks into cash… money you can spend to live on, use to fund a dream holiday or start the kids on the property ladder…

Such a facility comes at a price – either a loan or home reversion – could either be made to work for you? Award winning equity release expert Les Pick joins Simon to unpack the issues in Money Talk on Channel Radio 2 at 13.00 on Friday. Always take independent financial advice before acting check out www.talisifa.com.

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