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Why do I do what I do?

You may wonder what motivates a financial planner? This is part of my story. Down to my parents not making plans!….

Are you avoiding the difficult IHT question?

Inheritance tax can be planned for and avoided. Are you planning to gift your estate to the taxman rather than your children? Veronica explains how this ‘waste’ was the reason that she became an Independent financial adviser and planner.

The Bear essentials of financial planning.

You know the story of the 3 Bears. Do you have too much, just about enough or too little? Which are you and how can you make sure that you don’t run out of money. Veronica will give you some pointers that will hopefully resonate and help you on your journey.

I’m a Mama bear – why should I worry about money?

You know the story of the 3 bears – this one considers money rather than porridge. Most people are mama bears – which is a comfortable place to be financially. How can you protect yourself for now and the future?

The financial story of the 3 bears and greedy Time

You know the story of the 3 bears. How do they react when greedy time gets in the way of their planning. Can they live happily ever after?

I’m a Bruin Bear why should I worry

This is a different take on the 3 Bears story. Instead of porridge they’re talking about money. What would you want to think about if you had too much? Veronica will give you some pointers to help secure your future financial planning.

Three pension myths busted

Are you persuaded by fake news? Are pension myths getting in the way of your retirement plans? Will the state pension be enough? Take a look to see how pensions work for your retirement and the advantages of tax relief.

How can I save Inheritance Tax Part one: First three opportunities

Veronica indicates some simple things you can do so that your estate pays less inheritance tax, pays less to the revenue and more goes to your loved ones/ chosen beneficiaries.

How can I save Inheritance Tax Part two: Personal allowances and gifts

If you want to save Inheritance tax there are some simple and basic things to do. Using all your allowances means that your beneficiaries will suffer less inheritance tax.

How can I reduce my IHT Part three: Prefunding and investments

Would you like to reduce the impact of Inheritance tax on your estate? Here are two ways that could help. IHT is paid at 40% on relevant amounts. This videos discusses a way of bringing the relevant amount down.

Freedom Day; What about Tax Freedom Day?

Tax Freedom day impacts on everyone. When will that be this year – last year it was in May. What other freedoms are there and do they affect you?

IHT and Income; Tax saving opportunities 1

How can an ISA help you save tax and have more spending money in your own pocket. If you know how – you can use an ISA for income and also Inheritance Tax mitigation!

Property or pensions: Which is better for my retirement?

Do you want to understand some of the differences between property and pensions in your retirement ? Which would be useful to you? How can you spread your investment risk in your retirement? We’ll look at this so that you can think about how to get the comfortable life in retirement that you want.


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