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Investment advice helps investors accumulate, consolidate and ultimately distribute their wealth.

Independent financial advisers describe the perfect investment as one that offers high capital growth, great income, no tax, no risk, no charges, instant access, 100% security and the adviser works for nothing. Sadly, we all know that no such investment exists – so it becomes a compromise between these competing factors…

Risk and Reward

Investment for many becomes a trade off between secure, but low interest cash deposits vs. potentially volatile returns from “riskier” investment markets. How much risk/ volatility is “right” depends on investors’ personal attitudes and capacity. But for investors who put all their eggs in one basket, the risks can be great. The key to obtaining successful investment advice is to work with a whole of market, independent financial adviser (preferably chartered financial planners) and to have a diversified portfolio and review it regularly.

We recognise the importance of regular advice & review and we access the portfolios of our new wealth management & investment advice clients on at least an annual basis. If you want to take control of your finances, or you have existing ISA, Unit trust, investment trust, onshore or offshore bonds – independent financial advice can really help.

Our 10 step Process

  1. Assess client objectives (i.e. income/ capital growth, tax/ retirement planning, etc).
  2. Assess client time frame for each objective.
  3. Assess client current and future tax position, looking at liability for income, capital gains and inheritance tax.
  4. Assess client attitude to risk and reward.
  5. Select suitable investment vehicle: unit trust, bonds, pension, ISA, etc.
  6. Agree client-specific risk profile.
  7. Select underlying portfolio.
  8. Select most appropriate WRAP platform and effect investments.
  9. Review fund performance and short term (tactical) asset allocation monthly.
  10. Report to client quarterly, six-monthly or annually with recommendations.

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