Later Life


Today we all enjoy ever greater life expectancy. As such many of us are likely to need some form of care in our later years. This will reduce what we can pass on to our children.

The new Pension Freedoms give us the ability to access pension funds flexibly. But over spending in the early years of retirement risks us running out of money, leaving just the value of our homes to fund long-term care.

We all need to balance retirement income, state benefits, asset values and retirement expenses against any legacy we hope to leave. We also need to accept that as we get older “a simple life” becomes ever more attractive and we all need someone we can trust to help…

Talis are experts in this field, using independent research and careful planning to implement a tailored strategy to help navigate this often neglected area of an individual’s financial life plan.

We are starting to see the baby boomer generation retire and with government funding reducing, it is our view that Later Life Planning has never been as vital as it is today.

Although we all want a healthy and happy retirement – the effects of growing old may mean we need extra help at home, in the garden in a Care home – extra funds.

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