Lifetime Financial Planning

I enjoy helping you make the financial decisions that suit you best and give you confidence both now and for the future. Sitting down initially to talk things through when we meet, gives me the opportunity to see what you may really want and allows you to see if you feel I’m the right person to work with.

Discussing and understanding your preferences, priorities and concerns, lets me suggest options which will suit you. In this way, the  choices you eventually make will be informed ones which will make you feel most comfortable. Of course, financial planning is for the long term and regular reviews, year on year, will give you the confidence of knowing you’re up to date and that changes can be made to meet different circumstances.


1 : A Route Map is created by looking at financial goals and challenges, opportunities you may be missing or hidden obstacles that could sabotage desired results. We can create a complete picture of where you are now and where you want to be.

2 : An Action Plan is based specifically on your goals, ambitions and aspirations as well as anticipated milestones along the way. Concerns are discussed, with your goals as the main motivator.

3 : A Lifetime Cash Flow will be created by analysing information, along with current and future income and expenditure. Provisions are tested against various ‘what if?’ scenarios.

4: A Financial Route Plan is created by detailing key goals and events along your way, with consideration given to cost and time-efficient paths.

5: Implementation can take place, once you’re happy to proceed.

6: Ongoing Reviews give you the confidence of knowing an eye is kept on your finances, with any changes or challenges dealt with if they arise. Monitoring and reviewing is an essential progress-checker. I suggest this is done at least annually but you’ll also know, in the interim, I’m at the end of the phone to deal with any questions or concerns you may have.

 You want to be clear, finances are too important to be foggy!

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