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Open Market Option Annuity

The annuity market is competitive. Insurers always want your cash; but at different times certain insurance companies want it a little bit more, and are prepared to pay you a little bit more income to get it. Some may certainly offer more income than your existing pension provider, so when your pension provider writes to say would you like an income from your pension? Consult us about your open market option.

It costs nothing to exercise an open market option. You call us with your existing pension provider’s information and we get you some quotes. If the open market option is better, and it usually is, then a new provider will pay you a guaranteed income for life. It really is that simple – and we do all the work! To get a quote for the best standard annuity complete the calculator below but also read on as there is interesting stuff below.

If you have high blood pressure, if you smoke or you have a condition which may impact on your life expectancy (even only slightly) usign the open market option may make it possible to get you a higher income still. Follow Impaired Life Enhanced Annuity

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