What to do with your money when you're old

Do you have a plan?


As you get approach retirement you may find yourself considering things that may not have crossed your mind previously.

In fact, a lot of these thoughts boil down to just the one question – what should you do with your money when you’re old?

This question in itself may seem like a simple one, but many people will have very different priorities.

For some, it will be key to write a will and leave a monetary legacy.

For others it will be focusing their time and money on enjoying their retirement.

But whatever your priorities, there are basic concerns that remain.

Concerns such as keeping healthy, providing for your loved ones, and planning for your funeral.

This week on MoneyTalk Simon will be discussing these core issues, and what basic steps you can make to get things rolling.

Tune in from 12pm on Channel Radio this Friday the 29th of April.

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Need some advice on Retirement Planning? Head to our Retirement Advice page for more information.

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