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Facts & Figures has always worked closely with solicitors and accountants, to provide comprehensive financial services & mortgage advice to clients. We are a


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To take those working relationships to the “next level” Facts & Figures has sought further professional recognition and we are delighted that Facts & Figures was accepted by SIFA in December 2009.

Facts Figures adheres to the SIFA Professional Charter.

For many solicitors there are at least 10 client profiles where we could really help.


SIFA membership eligibility is based on professional status, which in the case of financial advisers means qualifying to be classified as independent in the terms of the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review, high level professional qualifications and a fee based client proposition.

The Legal Services Act of 2007 ushers in a new era of professional advice in which the dividing lines between the legal, accounting and financial planning disciplines will be broken down and reconfigured business entities will emerge which are focused on identified client needs.

SIFA’s objective is to support and assist interaction between solicitors, accountants and financial advisers in whatever form this may take. Facts & Figures joined SIFA to assist them in promoting that goal.

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