Over 100,000 people are affected by divorce each year in the UK and Wales.

It goes without saying this is a difficult time – stress, uncertainty, anger, relief, sadness or bewilderment are common and often mixed, whether this is a sudden crisis or one that’s been approaching for some time. Unfortunately, against this emotional background, vital decisions have to be made regarding your home, your finances, your future and arrangements for any children involved, all of these, the most important elements in anyone’s life.

There is no set formula for a financial settlement, the only thing beyond dispute is that  productive, informed negotiations are essential. My role is to understand and interpret the financial elements of your situation, to make you fully aware of what’s going on, the options open to you and their impact on you now and in the future. I fully appreciate the end of a relationship is never just about the money, there are any number of issues and emotions involved and I can also help with  financial and lifestyle coaching.  I make sure you’re making decisions based on fact not fear.

Under consideration would be all the variables, your age, potential income, earning capacities, assets, liabilities and childcare where relevant. Supporting you [and your lawyers] with accurate financial forecasts of what you need, to maintain current standards of living, now and in the coming years. It is these sort of calculations and forward planning which will help achieve a more comfortable future.

Minimising the impact on your long-term wealth and security is vital and I am able and fully qualified to advise on all types of pensions, probably your largest asset, apart from the family home. Financial settlement should  be considered with your objectives in mind so the options open to you would be chosen to achieve optimum outcomes.

We would then continue to work together so that you can make the most of your new life with the reassurance that your finances are under control.

Figures are one thing, people are another thing altogether

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