Lifetime Financial Planning

Many people have goals and dreams but a goal without plan is just a wish… An achievable goal is a dream with a deadline…

Lifetime financial planning is the way we can help you to realise your ambitions, goals and dreams-however large or small they may be.

Careful planning will help turn your pipe dreams into reality and the sooner you start your lifestyle financial planning programme, the greater your chance of realising your goals. There are so many issues to consider when planning one’s financial future such as

  • Starting work
  •  Moving House
  • Getting Married
  • Starting your own business
  • Changing your job
  • Retirement
  • Needing Long Term Care 
  • Selling your business 
  • Dream Holiday 
  • Unexpected Windfall 
  • Illness
  • Death  

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What Is the Lifestyle Financial Planning Process?

  • First Step: We look at your financial goals, challenges, opportunities you may be missing or hidden obstacles that could sabotage your desired results.
  • Second Step: We then create an action plan to implement, to try and ensure you get the results you’d like.
  • Third Step: Ongoing reviews of what’s in place, give you the confidence of knowing an watchful eye is being kept on your finances. Changes or challenges will be dealt with, should they arise, and you’ll know I’m at the end of the phone to deal with any questions or concerns you may have.

I don’t just listen I hear!

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