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Planning for Peace of Mind

Keeping a keen eye and a firm grasp of what’s going on in your world, money-wise, is only sensible, but that’s often easier said than done. Working with me can give you confidence in your financial arrangements and a clear idea of what you can do and what you shouldn’t do.

There may have been some major changes in your life. Events such as bereavement, divorce, the illness of a partner or the need for later life care, can mean at a time of major stress and distress, you’re having to deal with financial planning and/or budgeting you may not have dealt with before and you’re not confident you’re doing it well.

If any of the above, or other lifetime financial planning issues are worrying you, I can offer a helping hand, a listening ear, many years of experience and a 3-step plan to clarify your options and give you confidence in your financial future. I work with Baby Boomers or the Silent Generation who need to know that they will not outlive their money. I listen to your concerns and show you how to organise your finances so you can live the life you want in confidence.

My advice and recommendations will be made in a clear and straightforward manner, so you understand the proposed solutions with the minimum of fuss. If you would like to book an appointment please contact me on 0208 581 0088 or by email

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