Protecting your business

Protection is all about being prepared for the unexpected and protecting your business is no different. It shelters your business if something goes wrong and it can provide an essential safety net should the worst happen.

Have you noticed how fast things change now? Inadequate planning can result in financial disaster for your business. With the right professional guidance, the pitfalls that could otherwise destroy your business and your future can easily be planned for … and avoided.

For instance – what would happen to your business if the person who delivers the most profit to your company died or became seriously ill… Could your business survive, how long would it take to replace him/her? what would it cost? – would the bank call in the loans?

A complete advisory service is available to all corporate clients covering every aspect of corporate financial advice. Typical areas of advice include:

  • Planning to protect the key assets of your business including directors, partners, shareholders and key staff
  • Planning to protect your business profits – reducing your business tax liability/ liabilities
  • Planning for futures changes in business ownership –
  • Succession planning
  • Planning for retirement

A full and detailed explanation of how your business can best be protected is provided following an initial consultation and analysis of your business. For more information, please email me on, or call me on 01233 722999 or 0208 581 0088 [direct]

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