Why make a will?

Over a lifetime most of us amass money, property and stuff (personal chattels in techno speak). When you die the state decides who gets it all UNLESS YOU MAKE A WILL! If you die without a will.  your assets MAY NOT all pass to your spouse!

A will makes your wishes concrete and clarifies who should get what. It will stop any assets being divided under the rules of intestacy, where even spouses are not guaranteed to inherit everything. It can also be the first step to reducing an inheritance tax bill. Many married couples draft wills that pay part of their wealth into a trust on death. The surviving spouse can benefit from the legacy, but so can others such as children and grandchildren.

The aim is to give the option for both husband and wife to use their full inheritance tax allowance on death. A will forms an essential part of your personal inheritance tax planning.

We recommend that you consult a solicitor regarding setting up a will, we are always happy to make a recommendation. For a husband and wife wills should cost less than £100 each, although those with more complex affairs or requiring trusts etc will clearly to pay more, but it is crucial.

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