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With Profits

In theory with-profits was a great idea – holding back extra profits generated in a good year and paying them out in poor years, to shield the nervous investor from the jitters of the stock market.

Investors were promised smooth, lower risk returns. But the term is something of a misnomer because very few investors have seen much of a profit in the last few years and many face hefty penalties for moving out – the so called market value adjuster (MVA) or market value reduction (MVR).

The return on a with-profits investment is made up of the bonuses you receive each year, plus a terminal bonus at the end of the investment period. However, the terminal bonus is not guaranteed. Recently many life offices have cancelled their terminal bonuses altogether.


Many plans are coming to an MVR free day. With low interest rates clients are seeking lower risk investments with no hidden charges, reasonable returns and low volatility. We can help.

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